Being Eco-Friendly Is The New You

Our Responsibility and Our Duty

eco friendlyWe, the progenies of the 21-century have quite literally taken the environment that we all live in for granted. There is absolutely no sort of realization or guilt to say the least regarding our respective responsibilities to ensure that we safeguard our environment, the ecology that we live in, and the surroundings that are so vulnerable to the hazards created by humankind. It is mine and it is your duty to wake up, to Mother Earth’s unbearable plight and respond as a sensible citizen to its needs.

Here are a few methods that can go a long way for you to contribute efficiently to the cause. [Read more...]

Plan to Stay in an Energy Efficient Home

Being Aware

eco homeQuestion: Every time you look around what upsets you the most when it comes to the environment? Make a list. What’s on your list? The hazy sky, smoggy air, mounting population and hardly surviving trees. But, do you really keep a watch to the extent to which your house is energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

Well, the response may differ from person to person. Countries like Australia measure the energy efficiency of residential buildings based on a “start-rating scheme” on a scale of 1 to 10 stars, where 10 indicates the extremely energy resourceful resident. The higher the score, the greater the requirements of materials such as lagging and glazing are. In addition well-organized window frames are required so that heating and cooling energy demand can be controlled. [Read more...]

How to Make Gardens Friendly for Wildlife

We read on the news about big conservation projects that are taking place across the country to help wildlife in one way or another but there is also tiny little conservation projects we can all be part of – making our gardens wildlife-friendly.

There are things to be done for older, established gardens but there are also things that can be done in brand new housing estates that make them a haven for the local wildlife. Here are a few tips.

Important habitats, Gardens & Housing Estates

The first thing to consider is what type of habitat you want to create because trying to do too much in a small space can have an adverse effect. The main elements needed to attract wildlife are trees, shrubs, flowers, water and a lawn or a combination of these.

One example is to provide long grass in a corner of the garden. This makes a place for caterpillars to lay their eggs and for them to stay over winter. Birds will eat some of these and then come spring you will have a new generation of butterflies in your garden. This is one of the easiest habitats to create, especially in new build estates.

If you have a say in the build of your property, either a property mentor is helping you or you have the ear of your property developer, (unless you’re learning to become an eco property developer yourself which is even better! :) – simply encourage them to leave a small patch of the original grass around in the corner of the garden.

In fact, the environment and how to work with it is beginning to feature in many UK wide online and
London based, seminar style property development courses and even planning with a growing awareness of the larger environment.

Investing money in understanding the ecosystem they are building in and doing what they can to leave a home for it is a growing interest area.

Water is another important area and this can be something as complicated as a pond or as simple as a birdbath where birds can drink and bathe. Ponds can be brilliant for aquatic insects to survive winter and for amphibians to lay their eggs.

Breeding and sheltering for growth

Two important things for wildlife is somewhere to shelter and somewhere to breed. To help with these there are a range of simple things to do. These include:

• Grow climbing plants up a wall to give roosting and breeding sites for birds
• Thick, thorny shrubs or hedges can also provide nesting sites as well as a place for sheltering
• Put up a bat box, bird nesting box or a hedgehog hut
• Don’t tidy borders until early spring to allow insects to hide there in winter
• Leave pieces of dead wood for beetles and other insects as well as for moss and fungus to grow on

Food and the eco environment

The other important area for wildlife, especially during the harsher weather, is food. Try to have plants that flower at different times of the year to provide food all year around, especially when insects are emerging from hibernation.

Fruiting bushes are great for birds as they produce food in the autumn and even into winter and annual plants produce late season seeds for birds. All plants that attract insects are ideal as the birds can feed on them and this is particular important in spring when they are feeding their young.

Can I Change The World With A Blog and a USB Microphone?

I’ve been blogging now for about 3 years, bringing the good fight to the blogosphere in my own little way. It’s been an exciting journey and I feel writing to you guys had really helped me to grow as a person.

I’ve matured a lot in a short space of time and I think the regular practice of putting my thoughts to binary (how ‘s that for a modern phrase!) has been a tremendously useful part of the process of growing up and learning to think clearly.

Allen Ginseng who is pictured in the photo once said, “To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” and perhaps it’s because of this quote that I never looked at my analytics stats for a long time.

I actually always imagine that there is nobody listening, I pretend that this blog has no readers and this makes me more free and able to write more naturally and from the heart.

Green issues do require an emotional approach. I try of course to not be a screaming banshee as I don’t believe you can shout or shame people into becoming green and worse these people can be a total turn off. I know some of them are my greatest friends. ))

Even although these are issues that are soooo close to my heart I usually work hard to present the facts as plainly as I can. With environmental issues the facts usually speak for themselves.

I believe it’s the job of the facts to turn people onto environmental issues and not the job of the campaigner.

An environmental campaigner simply needs to present the facts in as clear and unbiased a way as possible.

Once people really understand the truth about what humans are doing to the planet anyone with an ounce of compassion will generate their own emotional response so it does come back to emotion. It does come back to caring.

I think the beliefs I and other environmentalist share and promote can make a difference. I need to believe that. If they don’t then really what is the point?

I made a lifelong commitment to living green and promoting green issues. While I don’t believe that in my lifetime we will know one way or another the fate of the world I can’t let that stop me.

That’s why in 2015 I’m going to be stepping up my efforts to highlight green issues by launching a the Green Pages Podcast. I’ve been reading up on the topic and apparently all I need is a USB microphone or alternatively an audio interface. If I had known it was that simple I would have started this a long time ago!

So soon you will be able to hear my lovely voice and it’s magnetic allure. At least that’s how I sound in my own head! Expect the first shows to go live in November/December and to continue monthly after that. I have some great friends lined up to appear on the show.

As well as being a show about environmental issues I kinda want to make a show for environmental campaigners. What works? What doesn’t. This kind of thing… Hopefully we can build an army of green warriors and make a difference.

After all, how can we live in a world and simultaneously destroy it?

Even a dog does not poop in it’s own home.

Save Our World One Step at a Time

There are many ecofriendly practices which if we all practiced we would save the world from abject pollution. Going green around the clock is not only a simple task but a very fulfilling experience when done in the right way. As a matter of fact you don’t need to be lobbying for congress to make a difference in this world. You can achieve this right where you are right now. In this article we’ll cover some good housekeeping and office tips which can make a difference in this word.

If you love coffee like I do, make sure that in the morning you brew only ”certified” coffee. By certified I mean that the coffee should have a USDA label which shows that the coffee was grown using sustainable standards. However if you are travelling, take your travelling cup with you to the nearest Java joint.

When you get to work, ensure that you print documents only when it is necessary. If you must print, configure your office printer with your computer so that it is set to print on both sides. This way you will save the world from unwanted waste materials which we could have prevented in the first place. It is always noble to change your computer to sleep mode if you will be away from it for more than 20 minutes.

When you get back home please make sure to turn off any electronic apparatus which you don’t need on. Just before bed turn off any electronic devices you don’t need running. Truly plug your devices (Your Television, DVD player, computer and printer) into a UL- certified power strip. This will largely prevent phantom electrical draw.

A lot of water is wasted when brushing our teeth. Invest your time and energy in training yourself and your kids to always turn off water while brushing their teeth. When you leave the tap running for that two minutes of brushing you can waste up to five gallons a day.

It’s always important to green your ride. I love hunting. It’s a perfect way for me to exercise “going green” as I am out there and it’s just me and mother nature. Every time I prepare for a hunting trip, I gather and pack all the hunting equipment needed to make the expedition a successful experience. Just like a perfect rifle scope is important to a hunter, so is the wheel pressure important to every ride. Check the pressure of each of the tires as per the guidelines listed in the cars manual. Be keen to add pressure if needed. This will help you improve mileage by about 3%.

Green living allows you to become an everyday environmentalist. With every little thing that you do to conserve energy, you make a major impact on the planet. I have lately been observing the amount of paper work involved in the economic sector today. We can make this world a better place if we did away with all the paper work and gave our friends and families the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful wonders of nature. Send free E-cards now and communicate the message from the comfort of your computer.

In conclusion, everyone has a role to play in order to make this world go green. Make every effort within your ability to help prevent the adverse environmental mishaps that result from reckless lifestyles. A wise head once told me: “If you want to hunt deer easily, practice your aiming skills. If you want to save our world, practice go green”!

Meeting Green People

Writing a personal blog about going green and describing different aspects of life with the intentions of encouraging everyone that it is possible to make the world a better and greener place has been fulfilling. Thanks to the online viewers my information has been helpful. I remember going out to dinner with a couple of my friends whom wanted to introduce me to some new friends they had recently met. I was thrilled when I met them. They were faithful readers of my Going Green blog and I found out that they too had been working hard at going green. I thought to myself that socializing with virtual readers online was quite cool but meeting them in person was a much more memorable experience. After getting to know them a little bit, I learned that they were both environmentalists attending university and finishing their Master’s. They excitedly shared that preserving electrical energy and water has help saved them money. Their water and electricity bills had lowered drastically. They were really appreciative of all my blog posts. We placed our food orders and continued in conversation; I felt like we had known each other for years and they felt the same way. There was a special connection of friendship and eventually they opened up about a speaking engagement they wanted me to be a part of. I felt privileged and was glad that they had told me ahead of time so I could prepare. I told them, “Let me check my schedule for next month.” I whipped out my phone and then asked them for the date, time and place. The speaking engagement was at the University they were attending and they were hosting a symposium and needed a special guest speaker to impart some knowledge and wisdom relating to going Green as well as other details in life. The idea was really cool; I told them it was an honor to be their invited guest.

Different Aspects about Going Green

The conversation with this young couple was so natural that waiting for dinner seemed to go by quickly. We talked about saving energy and water in order to save money, using less gas and walking more which promotes a healthy lifestyle, eating and buying smart, making your own cleaning supplies and keeping your electronics out of the trash. Our conversation was stimulating and the discussion interesting. They asked me if there is any area of my life that is not green. I thought for a minute. I said, “I splurge with an electric toothbrush”. My toothbrush is electric and one of the best sonic toothbrushes available. Even though it needs to be recharged I want my mouth feeling that Dentist clean all the time. However, I was sure to read plenty of electric toothbrush reviews to find the one that was the most environmentally friendly. They laughed, we finished our dinner and parted ways. It was nice to be able to meet some like-minded people for dinner.

Intelligent Storage Ideas To Help Your Business Be Green Friendly

Making a business more green friendly is not something that everyone thinks much about too much. There are, however, some good reasons for thinking like this, which is good for business and good for the environment as well.

It is a fact that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly one third of all our municipal solid waste is made up of packaging and paper.

This paper based waste takes up a lot of space in landfills, space that is diminishing to an alarming degree each year.

There are ways to recycle paper type products so that they never come near a landfill. One way is to be sure and put it in the proper recycling container in the trash if there is one, and if not, speak to your trash haulers and see if a category can be created for the paper products. This would include paper from memos, reports and similar items, as well as packaging and cardboard boxes.

Space is always a premium in any type of business environment, so one common area of resistance is that businesses claim to not have the storage capacity to store up their waste to be recycled later. However, through the use of some intelligent raised storage areas with dexion racking you can hoard a large amount of recyclable waste whilst keep the foot-print small and confined.

The same type of approach would apply to your glass and aluminum products too. Another strategy is to print less, and share more by viewing documents online. When you must print, print on both sides of the paper, and that will cut your paper usage in half.

Forget faxing things by paper, and use an online scanner and an efax program. Most of the time the fax is just in the form of a memo anyway, and it can be deleted or archived, whichever fits the situation. And of course, archiving is a great alternative to storing your paper items on-site.

Refrain from throwing your used paper away, and instead bundle it together for taking messages and for taking notes in meetings. Some paper just needs to be properly disposed of. Sometimes paper will contain chemicals that could be harmful if left in a landfill, so recycle that appropriately. Storing paper can also cause a fire hazard so be sure to store it away from the main offices where people would be working.

Many products have post-consumer material, meaning that after a product is thrown away, there are parts or all of it that, when recycled, those parts can be extracted and re-made into new products, at less expense and in a less environmental impacting way.

These are items that can take materials from the disposed items, reuse them for other products, where otherwise the whole item would have otherwise been disposed of as a solid waste item.

The indoor environments of our offices have a great impact upon the use of energy and its overall impact upon the environment.

As an example, in the winter time, if an office normally keeps a temperature at 75 degrees, and then it is set to 72 degrees, a total of 9% can be saved over the course of a year. By utilization of a programmable thermostat, you can assure that the setting will be set on a reliable basis, and thus quite a bit of money can be saved.

Just changing the lighting to LEDs instead of bulbs can save up to 30% in energy costs, according to the Department of Energy. These are all ideas that anyone can take advantage of, but the remembrance of doing them is the key.

5 Ways to Live Greener without Letting Your Teeth Decompose

Anyone looking to live the greenest life possible will need to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish that goal. It’s not just a matter of reducing carbon footprint with obvious circumstances, such as transportation. It’s also about the simpler things, like how we take care of ourselves.

In the long list of things to consider, you will find oral care. Yes, that’s right, the way you take care of your oral cavity, especially your teeth, can have an impact on how green-friendly you really are.

So, it’s not going to be easy, but there are many ways you can go about living greener without compromising your dental health.

Here are five great examples:

1)      Get a new toothbrush!

I remember my aunt telling me about her time in Costa Rica. Most of her memories were great, but she did have a few interesting recollections. One in particular involved toothbrushes. She recollected on a post-storm wash-up on the beach, where literally dozens of plastic toothbrushes would surface. While I can’t quite pin-point an explanation for how they got there, it’s definitely true that a decomposable toothbrush would be superior to a plastic toothbrush, especially since the plastic contains BPA.

What should you do? Buy a bamboo toothbrush!

2)      Get a healthier diet!

Okay, this may seem obvious, but the foods we eat and the beverages we drink have a major impact on how our teeth look and feel. When learning about dental hygiene, it’s discussed but often overlooked. When you examine a list of healthy foods and drinks for your teeth, you will find green tea. This is believed to be because of certain substances within green tea that offer bactericidal benefits. This assists with the elimination of oral bacteria and supports a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

So, drink up some green tea – however, to prevent erasing the benefits, do NOT add sugar.

3)      Use eco-friendly teeth whiteners!

Many of us are guilty of using teeth whitening products. However, there’s nothing wrong for wanting clean and healthy looking teeth. The problem lies within the products we use, though, as many contain harmful ingredients. To eliminate this issue, we have to simply look out for teeth whiteners that are marketed for their eco-friendly properties.

Feeling lost? Sinsational Smile is an example of a great company that offers eco-friendly teeth whitening.

4)      Use common sense while brushing!

There are certain things we don’t pick up on while brushing our teeth, but if we did, we would actually be helping the world out. For example, a lot of people will leave the water running while they brush their teeth. On average, 3,000 gallons of water can be saved annually just by shutting off the water while brushing your teeth. All you have to do is turn it on for a moment with low pressure right before rinsing your mouth out.

Then, think about what type of toothpaste you are brushing your teeth with, as many contain chemicals and other poor ingredients. Look for a product that is free of fluoride and other chemicals. Alternatively, you can look for a natural toothpaste that contains fluoride as these are able to provide added cavity protection.

5)      Use a green dentist!

Want to really go the extra mile? You would be shocked if you found out how much plastic and other environmentally harmful materials are sent in and out of a dental office each day. So, making the effort to support a green dentist is definitely a good move.

Typically, a green dentist will be proactive with recycling toothbrushes and other plastics – they may even be in a recycling program designed for this purpose. They will also be conscious on the amount of heavy metal use, which contributes towards a reduced amount of metallic waste.

Volunteering to Make the World a Bit More Green

My green and earth friendly lifestyle has been one that my friends and family have gotten used to. They’re used to me prodding them about being greener and kinder to Mother Nature. I try to often be an example to others how simple it can be to be greener and cleaner. However, I was feeling the need to really get that message out there to people beyond my friends and family.

Have you ever see those people in public who go out of their way to pick up garbage off the ground and put it in its respectful bin, recycling or not? That’s me, and I’ll even admit that I have yelled at people a time or two for littering or putting plastic in the regular garbage bin. The recycling bin is usuallay right next to it! Come on people!

I was searching for a way to get my message across more friendly and effectively, and that’s when I came across a flier for a recycling fair at a local grade school and church. They were looking for volunteers, and I immediately called and left my info. I didn’t care what exactly I was doing, I just wanted to be out there making a positive difference on our planet Earth.

The event was early in the morning, so I had to set my watch to make sure I got up in enough time. I wanted to impress the other volunteers with my drive and passion for green life (which is why I needed my watch!). Turns out that I was waiting for my alarm to go off, as I had gotten up earlier than I needed due to nerves. I was so excited to meet up with other people who were equally as interested in this movement as I was.

The fair went amazingly. So many parents, adults, and children came with bags full of recyclables, and the class who brought in the most was able to have a pizza party one day in the school year. It was so exciting to see children become passionate about recycling and making a positive change.

I was slightly worried, however, that the children were too focused on the idea of winning rather than the purpose of green living and recycling. That soon subsided when I saw the science teachers put together a little informative video explaining why we should recycle to keep trash out of landfills, oceans, and any other place were recyclables and trash shouldn’t be.

There was even a game that involved matching the different numbers on the bottoms of recyclables and their containers. The children also learned what exactly gets recycled and where. It was an eye-opener for me to realize that recycling goes beyond water bottles and newspapers. But as we are in a technology thriving world, electric waste is an important issue I will try to attack next!

The Greenest Way To Mow Your Lawn

My parents make me mow the lawn sometimes. I don’t have a brother to do it and my dad is lazy so sometimes my parents pay me to do it. I don’t mind. It gets me outside and I love the fresh air and the look of the grass afterwards. But recently I was mowing the lawn with our manual push reel Fiskars mower and looked down the street and saw a man mowing his with a loud gasoline powered one. I thought to myself, “Gee, look at all that pollution, I wonder if I should go down the road and tell the man to get a push reel mower like mine.” But instead I decided to write this post about how and why everyone should use a mower that doesn’t pollute.

First off let me explain the why

Why should you mow your lawn with a mower that doesn’t pollute?

First off: because you can. Electric mowers are affordable and powerful enough to handle most any inner-city and suburban lawns. They cost about the same as petrol powered ones and are maintenance free, and you can just plug them into your electric outlet instead of having to go to the gas station to fill a jerry can.

When I looked down the road and saw the man mowing his lawn I wondered if he was enjoying it. I figured that there was no way he could. His petrol mower was loud and had smoke spitting out the exhaust getting into his face. He had to wear earplugs and probably a nose plug to avoid the awful smell. If he used an electric mower or a push reel mower (like me) he wouldn’t have either of these problems. He could enjoy mowing his lawn in the fresh air listening to the birds chirp and the breeze flow past his face.

So the why you should mow with an electric or reel mow in short:

(1) It doesn’t pollute the environment.
(2) It allows you to enjoy mowing your lawn more.
(3) Less maintenance and you don’t have to go to the gas station to fill your jerry can.

Now let’s talk about the how

When I say “how” I mean let’s talk about the differences in mowing a lawn with a petrol versus with an electric or push reel. I know most people think that electric won’t cut your lawn well or that push reel is too much manual labour when compared with a self-propelled petrol powered mower. First I wanted to tell you about how easy it is to use a push reel mower. I’m young and a girl and I can mow our lawn. Easily! So if I can do it many of you can too. Now if your lawn has slopes that it will add to the difficulty but just think of it as your exercise for that day. The only situation that makes push reel mowers impractical is when you have a huge lawn or when you haven’t mowed your lawn in ages and it is extra thick and long. But still, the majority of lawns are well suited for manual mowers.

Are electric mowers strong enough? Will an electric mower cut thick grass? The answer to both those questions is YES. Just check out this video to see how good they cut through tall grass. Electric mowers can either be plugged into the wall or use battery power. In the recent years the electric motor technology has advanced far enough to make the electric mower power adequate to cut most lawns.


All of us have the ability to mow our lawns in a way that is environmentally safe. There is no need for a gasoline lawn mowers when for the same price or less you can get green alternative like an electric one or manual human powered ones. If I can do it so can you!

Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

These days there is a lot of emphasis on improving the efficiency of your home.  Simple steps such as ensuring the attic and basement are properly insulated can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs alone.  But there are new ways to leverage technology that can help save even more money each year.

Lighting Control Systems

Even with the advent of more efficient light bulbs and appliances, electrical usage is still one of the most significant recurring costs a homeowner must pay each month.  One way to mitigate this cost is to install a highly efficient lighting control system.

A lighting system allows you to control every light in your home and how it is used.  While a standard light switch can only toggle between on and off, a controlled lighting switch can ramp a light to anywhere from 1-100%.  This means that you can significantly lower the amount of power used for lighting your home.

Lighting systems also employ occupancy sensors that can detect when someone is in a room or not.  When it detects motion it can switch on the necessary lights to a preset level.  Then once there has been no motion for a prescribed period of time it can then switch those same lights off.

These sorts of systems are very common in commercial spaces where there is a focus on controlling costs, but they are not nearly as common in residential spaces.  This is partially due to the costs associated with installing such a system.

These systems are significantly more expensive than a standard lighting system.  But over the course of several years homeowners can recoup much of this cost.  There is also the possibility of receiving a tax credit based on the efficiency of the system.  This is something that must be assessed on a state by state basis.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Air conditioning and heating systems have seen some incredible increases in efficiency in the past 10 years.  These changes alone can help a homeowner save thousands of dollars per year.  But you can further enhance your savings by having your HVAC system tied into other systems within your home.

A good example would be to integrate your HVAC system with your alarm system.  When the alarm system notices that a particular outside door or window has been left open for a specified length of time, the system can communicate this information to the HVAC system which can then shut off that zone.  This can be especially helpful in rental homes where renters have a tendency to open the doors and leave the air conditioning cranked up.

Another significant saving can come from running particular appliances when energy is cheapest.  Some utility companies will offer lower rates during off-peak hours of usage.  If you then choose to use your appliances during this time you can often save 50% from the peak hour usage rates.

A home automation system can ensure that you are using these high power appliances as much during off-peak hours as possible.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.  If you are interested in a home automation system for your home, a good place to start is with Innovative Sight & Sound.  They offer a couple different options for home control systems.

Green Energy For The Masses: Is It Possible?

Green energy, known as green power in some contexts, refers to any form of energy (and technology) generated from renewable energy sources that ultimately benefit the environment.

Many green energy sources, which include solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy, are considered alternative energy sources. These energy sources provide an alternative to conventional energy sources (electricity, coal and gas) that ultimately better the health of the environment and the entire planet. Although various resources are starting to ‘push’ alternative energy sources as a main energy source, many places around the world haven’t yet adapted. And, there are several reasons why.

Why green energy isn’t widely available

Believe it or not, the world’s energy needs could potentially reduce by 1/3 if people around the world (including corporations) switch to using renewable energy sources by 2050. The problem is that a lot of people haven’t yet switched to some form of renewable energy. Plenty of issues have stopped the worldwide adoption of renewable energy from happening this decade and for decades to come.

Various advocates of renewable energy have actually argued that ‘there needs to be a significant cultural change around the world to change the world’s need for traditional energy sources.’ Although renewable energy is the future, it can’t be the future if the foundation isn’t laid for people around the world to use renewable energy.

Green energy awareness matters

Lots of people, especially young people, use energy today. Green energy is essentially infinite in nature, when you consider how green energy cycles out and gets reused again and so on. So, in order for young and older people to adapt, suppliers of green energy need to find ways to implement green energy technology in highly populated urban areas and rural areas, and not just the latter.

Distribution is probably the biggest reason why green energy is still relatively ‘underrated’ in the United States and around the world. Not a lot of people have access to green energy technology, and if they do, they usually cant afford the high costs.

The cost of entry and the distribution problem is cutting off green energy to a lot of people, especially young people who might potentially carry on using green energy in the future. If we can expose young people to green energy at earlier ages, it’s likely they’ll eventually adopt green energy as the main energy source for our planet.

Until then, supporters, manufacturers and distributors of green energy have to work to get green energy into the consciousness of the general public. As soon as the cost of entry and distribution issues resolve, people around the world will finally adopt renewable energy as their main energy source.

You should review your own situation and try to see if there are any ways to help turn your lifestyle more greener.

For example in the home you can change to energy saving light bulbs and protect your house from loosing heat by using the appropriate wall cavity filler.

Why not cycle to work and not only save money on fuel but keep fit for free at the same time all while becoming more greener.

In the work place you could try to bring the green issue to the top by asking your boss about your companies green policy – most offices could save money and the earth by employing more energy saving tactics such as switching off lights and electronic equipment when not in use.

We all have our part to play and if we each make a small switch then green energy for the masses might come sooner than we think.

Organic and Natural Shampoos: A Healthy Choice for You & the Environment

When your favorite TV show goes on commercial break, have you noticed the grand number of shampoo brands that are constantly promoting their products through high quality and well-directed commercials to encourage viewers to go out and buy them? Yes, there are so many brands out-there that state to offer innovative formulas to help make the most out of one’s locks. But, don’t ever fall into the hype! Never buy a shampoo bottle just because your favorite celebrity is promoting it or the packaging is appealing to the eye. If your goal is to purchase a shampoo that is good for your hair and that comes in a bottle that is good for the environment, as well–you should go beyond the aroma, brand name, and price of it—you should carefully read the front and the back label, first!
I went online to do some research and found an article on how to choose the best natural shampoo at it or not, a lot of shampoos that you see in stores contain a handful of harmful ingredients, which might cause health issues in the long run. There have been a couple of chemical compounds that have been linked to cancer, such as parabens. For this matter, it is best to buy the best natural shampoo options that are available in the market, as it is better to prevent than lament.
Just as your interior wants to be fed with healthy choices, your exterior does so too. Try to purchase hair products that do not contain parabens, artificial colors, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates. In other words, purchase shampoos that are certified to be organic, as they contain wise formulations.
Another thing, make sure the bottle you are buying is biodegradable, which means that it will decomposed by bacteria or other living organism once the garbage man picks it up and dumps it in your towns landfill site. If you buy a bottle that is not biodegradable, it can take up to 450 years for it to decompose in the ground, so please help reduce the landfill mass!
At the moment, as people are becoming more concerned about the things they eat and apply onto their skin and hair, it seems that old brands are just beginning to make a transition from using harmful ingredients in their formulations to offering organic formulations to consumers; therefore, right now, there isn’t a huge selection of organic shampoos in the market, but the ones that are available, are pretty affordable.
There are a couple of brands that are offering natural shampoos for less than $10 USD, such as Nutrisse, Alba Botanic, DermOrganic, The Seaweed Bath Co., Hugo Naturals, and etc. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity of smelling and using most of these brands shampoo products, and I have to say that they all smell pretty good! But, I have been sticking to the Nutrisse brand for the longest time, as it offers an eco-friendly shampoo bottle–which is a total plus in my book!
As you can tell, buying a shampoo is definitely a big deal in this day and age! Next time you run out of shampoo, take this information into consideration when you are in the hair care aisle–feed your hair and scalp with natural ingredients and make a difference in the world, at the same time!

Solar Panels for the Future

Electricity production is one of the highest pollutant processes in the history of humanity. Plants all over the world burn coal and free all types of chemical substances in air, water and soil transforming the planet in their landfill. Furthermore, nuclear electricity plants are still open in different corners of the world. Every continent has at least a couple such plant and it seems that they will still be around, ignoring possible hazards similar to Fukushima or Chernobyl. But what if there was no longer a demand for this dirty electricity? What if we switch to renewable electricity to reduce our carbon footprint and still benefit from the same comfort that we love? Eolian and solar power are two valid options for replacing on-grid electricity. While the windmills demand space and certain currents to make them profitable, the solar panels are easy to install, less demanding and extremely effective.

Solar panels produce electricity from the sun (a renewable source) without releasing any chemical compounds in the air, soil or water. Each solar panel is made out of multiple photovoltaic cells which catch the sun ray and transform it into DC. The current is stocked in batteries and an inverter transforms the DC in AC, suitable for powering electrical appliances around the house.
Here are some reasons why you should check out this option and see how you can adjust them into your house décor.

1. Solar panels do not demand extra space

Solar panels are usually installed on the building’s roof, with the use of metallic frames which help you achieve the necessary tilting. If the roof is in good condition, the panels are more likely to remain there for 10 to 20 years, as most of the modern solar equipment is guaranteed for up to 25 years. It is advisable to use the roof part which receives the most sun exposure during the day. Do not use shady areas or areas where vegetation can prevent the sun from reaching the panels.

2. Solar panels work in all seasons

There is a common misconception that solar panels are utilizable only in summer. This assumption cannot be more false than this. Modern solar panels produce electricity all year round and some models are even capable of using moon light to produce electricity. It is true that the amount of solar power produced in summer is considerably higher than the electricity produced in winter, but solar panels work satisfactory in cloudy and days too.

3. The price for solar panels dropped considerably

All home improvements require finance and solar panels make no difference. However, the solar panels are part of the few home improvements which pay back in time. Furthermore, their price is significantly lower than it was few years ago and more and more governments come up with supporting laws for those willing to switch to green energy. Lease options are also available for 10 or 20 years, so all you have to do is choose the finance solution which best suits your needs.

4. Solar panel installation can be done by you/your family

Solar panels can be installed by you or one of your family members with some knowledge in DIY projects. There is no need for expensive installation equipment and the panels are easy to carry onto the roof and put in place.

5. Extra electricity can be sold to the local electricity provider

During summer days the solar panels produce significantly more electricity than in any other period of the year. If you are connected to the local grid you can sell the excess to your local provider for credits which will get you a discount when using conventional power. If you are not connected to the local electricity bill you can always fill in more batteries for rainy days.

6. Solar panel installation increases the house’s sale value

For someone who buys a house it is important to keep it at the same value they bought it or even increase its value by adding valuable improvements. Solar panels are an investment in the future and regardless if the new owners are “green”-oriented or simply want to save up some money, the panels are a great addition.

Caring for the environment does not mean giving up modern comfort, but rather making the right choices. So why not benefit from electricity produced in an environmental-friendly manner when it is so easy and convenient?

Going Green At Home By Making It Smell Great!

A home is a sanctuary for you and your family. It is a place where you get to relax after a hard day at work, share meals with your family, you can engage in board games after or just simply watch a movie or TV show together. When you are tired, it’s time to go and rest and the cycle begins again the next morning. As a sanctuary, smelling wonderful is a priority. It is a turn off when you and your family step into the house and you are struck with a bad odor at the entrance. This could be as a result of several things such as rotting trash in the kitchen, a dirty carpet, dirty dishes or simply lack of opening windows. When you invite guests and the house smells bad, you will notice your guests twitching their noses and trying to give excuses they needed to go somewhere just to run away from your smelling home. Do not worry, below are ways that are environmentally friendly to make your home smell better.

Clean your home regularly

Having pets and kids means dirt on the carpet, on the sofas and also on their clothes. With accumulating dirt, a stench starts to come up. While this is a turn off, you can simply get rid of the stench by cleaning your house either thrice to five times a week. Although you may have a busy schedule, you can create a simple timetable that would allow you to clean the house without interfering with your schedule. You can use tools such as environmentally friendly cleaning agents, eco friendly vacuum cleaners and gloves among others.

Use of mens cologne

As the man of the house, sweating while working at the office or at the construction site or while driving a truck or bus is a normal thing. The sweat is usually absorbed by your clothes and if you have not applied any best mens cologne, your body and clothes will produce a stench. To eliminate this, it is important before heading to work, to spray your body and clothes with your best mens cologne. While passing through the several rooms in your home, the wonderful smell of the cologne will diffuse into the air leaving your home smelling good. In order not to pollute the environment, use eco friendly

Helping My Dad Build a Chicken Coop Out of an Old Trampoline

Trampoline Chicken Coop

Last weekend I met up with my dad to work on a little project he had had on his mind for a while. We worked together to convert my old trampoline (which understandably I do not use as often as I used to) into a new chicken coop for his back yard! I’m all for living local, being sustainable, and being green. “How is a chicken coop green?” You might ask. We’ll get to that in a bit.

I’ll start off by saying that, if you are thinking about doing something similar, DO IT! The project was actually a total blast, and fairly straight forward to complete. A definite win for my dad.

Apart from the trampoline frame, we really only needed to pick up some chicken mesh from the local farm supply store, some wiring to help secure the mesh to the frame, a tarp, and a nesting/hide box for the chickens.

To start with, we lay the tarp down underneath the trampoline frame. We did this to collect the chicken’s natural manure which my father is then able to use in his vegetable garden. This organic fertilizer is as green as it gets. On top of that, the recycled nature of the entire project sits well in my conscious as good for the planet. Yes, the chickens consume resources like feed and water, but they are producing valuable resources like eggs and fertilizer! I can forgive them for a little consumption!

We decided to keep the trampoline mat in it’s place to keep the chickens in shade from the hot Australian sun. A few patches here and there and nobody was any the wiser!

Securing the mesh in place was probably the most time consuming aspect of the entire project, and even that only took about two hours. We simply measured out the mesh along the perimeter of the trampoline legs and made a few snips with wire cutters. We then lined the mesh up and fastened it to each of the legs and along the upper rim of the frame and the bottom of legs too to prevent any gaps.

We left a makeshift “door” to the coop by keeping a short span of the mesh unsecured along the top and the bottom of the frame between two “legs” and wiring together a sort of latch to keep the mesh fully closed.
Really, we threw the entire chicken coop together in the matter of a few hours! It was quite surprising how easy everything came together. The only thing that we had to take care of was the nesting box for the chicks. My father had an empty wooden crate which we turned on it’s side and threw some sawdust in, and voila! Complete.

The last thing on the docket for the weekend was the pick up the chicks, which we were able to acquire from a lady down the way who had posted an ad online. These baby chickens will be starting to lay eggs in 3 to 4 months! I can’t wait to see them grow up and start producing for my dad.

All together, I was pretty impressed with the easy and ingenuity of the project. One more little victory for self sufficiency in my family!

Now, for next weekend’s project…